Photo OK Please

Event Details

‘Photo OK Please’
Phone photography Exhibition

From: November 14, 2016
To: November 20, 2016
Timing: 11:00 AM – 07:00 PM


Lalit Kala Akademi
Rabindra Bhavan,
35, Ferozeshah Road,
New Delhi-110001.

If there has been one major shift in photography over the past few years, it is the advent of the cellphone camera. In every sense of the term, photography has never been so democratic in its entire history.
More photographs are made today on a daily basis than ever before. How does this affect the serious practitioners of the medium? With everyone making photographs, where does the photographer stand in this sea of images? When we look back at our history, it is defined by iconic images. Will such singular photographs too define our history, or will it just be a blur due to the sheer abundance of photographs?

Photo ‘OK’ Please brings together seven photographers, working in various genres of photography.
The one common thread that binds the works of these image-makers together is that they have all been made using a cellphone. These works contain all kinds of stories from all parts of the worlds. Every photograph in this exhibition explores the limits to which the mobile phone can be pushed in telling a story.

The sheer number of images one consumes every day can be daunting. This show attempts to make the viewer pause and reflect. What meets us when we zoom out may very well be the writing of a certain history. Photo ‘Ok’ Please takes a moment to peek into the making of this history.